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School project


Concept, UX, app design


Accomo was made as an individual school project where the brief stated that KKN, Team Sweden and Utrikesdepartementet wanted to make it easier for students/interns to study/work abroad or come to Sweden and do the same. I chose to focus on students/interns coming to Sweden and how to best help them out.

The colors in the brief were set to yellow and dark blue and the font as “San Fransisco”.

Challenges and insight

I wanted the solution to be based on a current, existing problem which meant I had to do a lot of research to be sure my idea was anchored to reality and actually solved something.

My focus on students/interns coming to Sweden helped me in the research concerning Swedish conditions but gave me trouble when it came from a foreign student/intern perspective. In the end I chose to use mostly the opinions and experiences from Swedish students that went abroad and incorporate that into my research.

From interviews with 8 of these students my conclusion was that accommodation was the biggest problem facing them. 

End results

Accomo is an app solely focused on helping out students and interns finding a place to stay during their time in Sweden. From my research I knew that in the bigger cities lots of people have spare bedrooms but don’t rent them out for different reasons. Some of the reasons that stood out were distrust of existing services like Airbnb and a lack of an “official” solution to connect landlords and renters. also provides a change to find accomodation but isn’t suitable for foreign students/interns since they probably won’t know about it and its lackluster framework for renting out and renting leaves a lot to be desired.

Accomo would be a collaboration between schools, companies and the Swedish state. It features functions based on the needs a student/intern (mostly based on their lack of money): an easy way to see commute distances between point A and B with various transport alternatives, filters for things like lease length, rent cost and living area and other relevant options.

The renting party needs to have a personal profile telling people about themself when sending out requests as to shrink the barrier between the them and the landlord.