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Storyboarding, illustrations, animation


Nessence is a Chalmers-based company developing business intelligence services.

I had worked with some of the people behind Nessence before, during a school project for another Chalmers-based company, NIRNA. This time they wanted an explainer video to be used in their communication channels and as a sales tool.

It was done with my friend, Maximilian Relam, from class.

Challenges and insight

They needed an explainer video containing a great amount of information while keeping it relatively short.
They wanted a straightforward style and clean animations while at the same time sticking out from their competitors. We chose to go with a combination of line art and displacement to keep it simple but at the same time giving it an interesting look. The goal became with this style became to make it compelling without taking focus from the audio content of the video.

The biggest challenge was to keep the video around 1 minute while at the same time conveying everything they wanted to communicate in a clear and precise manner to reach more potential customers.

We worked with them to refine their script and balance how technical it would be perceived by both an amateur and a professional.

End results

An explainer video.

The colors were picked from their existing logotype which we then combined with the line art. The video has a distinctive style without making it overly complicated, which in part helped in the animation process to make the animations fluid and clean.

While the pace is high during most of the video Nessence tested it on people without prior knowledge of their services and came away with positive feedback. On the pace of the video the general consensus was that it was a lot of information in a short time, but without causing “information overload”.