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School project


Storyboarding, illustrations, animation, web design, UX, copy


NIRNA is a Chalmers-based company offering a cloud-based security analysis engine. With this project the goal was to develop a graphic identity for NIRNA. They already had a relatively developed graphic identity so they wanted us to focus on adding on to it and using it as a platform to improve their communication towards existing and potential customers. Making their service easier to understand, and in turn, sell.

In the end we agreed to look over their whole organization to see what could be improved or created to achieve this goal.

Challenges and insight

Time was the biggest challenge during this project. We wanted to cover every corner of their communication channels to make them more approachable for potential customers—all this in 120 hours.

We also kept an eye on keeping a cohesive design language while at the same time separating their communication into two groups: existing and potential customers.

The communication also needed to be adapted for both the potential users and potential buyers, as these two are not always the same person. We needed to help them balance the technical language they used and how it was communicated to be able to reach the potential buyers as they would not often have a deep prior knowledge of these kinds of services. 

End results

We made an explainer video to quickly, in under a minute, explain their complex service.

A landing page focused on promoting all the innovative features of their security engine.

A template for incident reports, to be sent out to customers in the event of an attack.

A graphic manual to fortify their colors, font and overall identity and tone.