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Rough Guess

SChool project


Concept, UX, app design


We were tasked, in pairs, to develop a mobile based social quiz game. Using interviews with each other as a foundation to find out what kind of quiz games we liked we came up with Rough Guess.

As contestants we prefer quizzes that aren’t overly difficult or serious, the more casual and relaxed the better. From this we made Rough Guess to be a quiz app about not giving an exact answer, but rather giving your best approximation.


Time was a factor as we only had 2 days to research and design the app.

We wanted to keep the app clean and simple but at the same time giving the user access to details like statistics. We tried incorporating social functions to be slick and easy to use rather than having them bloat the experience.

End results

A mobile based quiz app with social functions.

We believe we achieved our end goal of combining an entertaining way of quizzing, a visually appealing design and a well balanced user experience.